"Using yourstudent.com I was able to align my work and employability skills to what current/local employers are looking for. This site allows students to self-assess their 21st century skill performance in class to enhance better targeted long term goals after graduating highschool. Using these resources available to me, I was able to meet with and find mentors that could give me critical feedback and connections stemming from real world workplace experience as an engineer and  minority group. I highly recommend for more students to use and become familiar with yourstudent.com to think strategically about life after school and to pursue desired careers in their future. Amazing resource!"


Kayla K.
2023 Early Graduate @ Olympic High School
NAF Academy of Engineering and Health Sciences Charlotte, NC  
Biomedical Engineering Candidate


“YourStudent™ is a great way for both students and teachers to gauge their progress and improvement. By utilizing the results of a YourStudent™ assessment, teachers are able to efficiently provide recommendations for students working towards their future endeavors. The process is quick and easy, but completely captures the characteristics of students that colleges and companies alike find notable and necessary.”

Jenny D.
2018 Senior @ Olympic High School

NAF Academy of Engineering Charlotte, NC  
Groninger USA Apprentice NC Academic Scholar
Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics Candidate

“I wish more teachers would have sat me down throughout high school to coach me on how important it is to develop the skills YourStudent™ software addresses.”
Maynor M.
2018 Senior @ Olympic High School


“YourStudent™ is an extremely efficient way to help a student when teachers truly care about the student beyond the classroom.”

Keegan N.
2019 Senior @ Olympic High School
Livingston & Haven Intern


YourStudent™ is an application that can improve the communication between students, teachers, and parents. This improvement in communication can in turn create a stronger relationship between all three counterparts and allow the student to take advantage of their full potential and perform at a higher academic level.”

Anne Forest B.
Senior in METS at Olympic High School
Member of First TREX Robotics Team
Summer Apprentice at Groninger USA
University of Virginia Class of 2022
NROTC Scholar


“YourStudent™ helped remind my high school teacher years after graduation to recommend me for employment in the specific career of my interest.  I'll never forget what my teacher did for me and am thankful for the direction I am moving in toward a professional career.”

Destiny Work
Zebulon B. Vance High School Academy of Engineering NAF Graduate 

Intern at REI Engineers
Architecture Graduate Candidate @ CPCC

“Mr. Wykoff, your learners appeared to be genuinely interested in their self-assessments, and to hear directly from them how they plan to implement their self-assessment results was truly inspiring.  I cannot wait to implement this with my learners!”
Tia DesChamps-Turner, MBA
Teacher, CTE Business
Olympic High School

“YourStudent™is the equivalent of customer relationship management software for teachers. The teacher can track student’s performance, make college/ work recommendations, and notify parents among others. It allows students to rate themselves and work collaboratively with teachers on improvement. The rating variables are all relevant to performance at school as well as the working world. Great tool with the opportunity for more robust artificial inteligence!”

Bryan Butler