Have you ever been a parent or mentor of a child in high school?

If so, you might have noticed it is a phenomenal opportunity. You may also have noticed it is a fragile process which encompasses a complex dynamic between student, parent, and teacher.In the end, each parent and mentor strives to encourage student success in higher learning and career opportunities.  At YourStudent™, we want to become the bridge for this process.

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Student Value:

1. Periodic student self reflection regarding 21st century career and higher learning skills in order to set goals to improve and exceed.

2. Use end of course teacher recommendation (if performance meets student and teacher expectations) with higher education admissions and entry level employment application.

3. Connect with higher learning and work opportunities .

4. Communicate google drive student work with professional custom short links.


Teacher Value:

1. Improve role of teacher/mentor.

2. Communicate effectively with parents about student performance regarding 21st century career and higher learning skills.

3. Increase student metacognitive awareness in order to encourage overall performance regarding 21st century career and higher learning skills.

4. Customize automated responses by requesting YourStudentapproval.

5. Integrate teacher recommendation feature for students achieving desired performance levels.

6. Communicate student expectations through professional custom short links.

7. Contingent on district and/or state contracts, supplement income based on completion of self and admin assessments per student.


Sponsor Value:

1. Recruit and qualify high school students for entry level employment, college, internship, and apprenticeship opportunities.

2. Connect with high school students and parents through short links and career readiness assessments.

3. Coach/Mentor high school students on 21st century skills necessary for success in career and higher education.


 YourStudent™ Difference



$10 per student

$20 per student


≤3 Teachers per school

≤ 300 students

>3 teachers per school
>250 students

>3 teachers per school

>250 students

Employability Student

Teacher-Student Collaborative
Post Assessment

Custom Communications



Career Planning Wizard




“We use YourStudent™ software in our classes to more effectively mentor students on employability skills that businesses and colleges are seeking. We strive to mentor our students to succeed in higher learning and in the workforce after high school.”