In the Spring 2018 semester, 47% of students received recommendations for entry level employment and higher education from their teachers based on student progress which in turn helps them gain entrance into an entry level job and/or acceptance into college.  The majority of students who did not agree their scores were high enough for college and entry level employment recommendation indicated that they still valued the communication and were encouraged to continuously  improve now that they were more cognizant of these factors.


In addition, we had three teachers and their students interacting with the YourStudent™ website at Olympic High School in Charlotte, NC.  We intend for employers and higher education admissions to transition our students who score well using the YourStudent™ communication process.  YourStudent™ plans to increase user interaction by 10+ additional Olympic High School teachers in the Fall 2018 semester.”


Financial Projections



$10 per student

$20 per student

≤250 students

(-.0075 per text notification,

-$3,000 dedicated server)


2000 students per school




70,000 students
(35 schools)




2,168,000 students
(1,084 schools)